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Do you want to improve your child's math or reading performance? AdaptedMind offers fun math and reading games for children struggling with math and reading. It also offers a customized online reading curriculum to help children with reading deficiency.

Love to read! Enjoy the adventure of reading books intended for children, teens and adults.


It is a free online collection of books and poems in audiobook and PDF format.
Free Classic AudioBooks

This site offers free recording, and downloading of many classic books such as Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, and many others.
Alison offers free certified online courses to empower you. Alison also offers daily courses in business, technology, and health. It also offers certified language learning courses.
You Tube Education Channel
You Tube’s Education Channel is filled with curated education videos for students of all ages.
For brain breaks, it doesn’t get much better than the free GoNoodle network. Filled with brain break activities and music to help your kids and students get out their wiggles and engage in a quick physical activity.
Educational online courses are priced very reasonable. Udemy gives you the option to become an instructor for a specific expertise and make $$ money.